A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is a service provider who manages the day-to-day security operations of its customers (companies, public authorities).

The IT security outsourcing market is growing (very) fast. According to a Kaspersky study, 91% of MSSPs have declared an increase in their customer base between 2019 and 2021.

Managed SOC (Security Operation Center) is the fastest-growing MSSP activity. Many companies have understood the importance of detecting and responding to cyber threats, and this increase in activity has brought its own specific challenges for MSSPs:

  • absorbing the increase in the number of alerts to be handled, despite a shortage of talent
  • maintaining a competitive offering adapted to all customers

A challenge as much TECHNICAL as HUMAN

The alert detection and processing chain consists of the following elements:

  • a detection platform that centralizes customer IS events, detects threats and issues alerts
  • an alert sorting and qualification stage
  • an incident response team to remedy security incidents.

An MSSP has an SOC team in charge of alerts and incidents, made up of highly qualified engineers specialized in cyber. These profiles are rare and precious. It was against this backdrop that TURTLE (name changed for the purposes of this article) contacted NYBBLE.

TURTLE is a Paris-based MSSP, founded in 2022, whose SOC team consists of 2 analysts. They ensure the operational security of 10 medium-sized companies, with a constantly growing portfolio.

Why does TURTLE rely on NYBBLE Hub and its network of analysts to meet demand?

Relieve your teams.

Nybble Hub integrates seamlessly into the alert handling process. TURTLE chose to delegate its alert qualification, in order to manage the increase in activity without additional recruitment. Their team now concentrates on incident response and customer relations.

Cost control.

TURTLE is able to integrate the cost of alerts processed into its pricing structure. The Nybble Hub customer interface enables them to monitor their consumption in real time, and the tiered subscription offer allows them to progressively upgrade while obtaining increasingly advantageous rates.

Focus on business development.

The Nybble service enables TURTLE to ensure sufficient processing capacity to convert their business opportunities, whatever the capacity required. They now have a flexible solution that gives them peace of mind when it comes to signing new customers.

MSSPs face up to market pressure

In a market where competition is growing at the same pace as demand, MSSPs have to remain competitive while coping with a turnover in operational teams. In this context, a network of analysts such as Nybble’s is a decisive complementary element in maintaining an optimized SOC that supports more and more business.

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